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We are a third-generation family business that started in 1933. While we have been retailing grocery products for the past 80 years, The Market on Koke Mill is our first store of this type - a small format neighborhood grocery, deli, bakery, specialty store dedicated to providing healthy, natural, organic and traditional food alternatives in a convenient, family, fresh environment. Our business model will serve as a flagship to deliver the benefits of healthier eating and cleaner food options.

Our daily interactions with our guests are unique in that we are always ready and prepared to discuss food, family and wellness. We love to deliver high quality service to our customers and encourage your input on how we can do so for you.

We are highly driven to constantly provide the best guest service possible, and continuously delighting you with a pleasant and fun shopping experience. We believe in raising healthy families and individuals through local, community-based living and fresh, wholesome foods. We are looking for people with similar values to help us serve our guests and spread the word.

Buy Healthy and Prosper!

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Our Mission

Driven by the relentless pursuit of exceeding customer's expectations, we will constantly strive to provide superior service through efficient access to healthy food options and high quality products that enhance the overall wellness of individuals, families, and community.

Core Beliefs: Health and Wellness; Individual, Family, Community

We believe that the heart of Community wellness is the health and prosperity of individuals and families. By providing the highest quality natural, organic and premium food choices, we aim to continuously enhance the lives of individuals and families throughout our community.

We further believe that the most effective way to reach these goals is to select, nurture and support an incredibly high-quality team of individuals galvanized by this lifestyle and uniquely aligned to the same unwavering appetite to serve our customers.

Essential to achieving our objectives is the manner by which they are attained. Our business model is rooted in two interconnected principles of economic and ecological prosperity. Core to our beliefs, is the precept that the tandem pursuit of both ambitions will produce results beyond such an endeavor focused on either one alone. We promise to continuously choose ecologically sustainable and socially supportive products and services while promoting the same throughout our community.

Lastly, we strongly believe that a socially healthy and economically successful community prospers through the inspiration, creation and consumption of valuable goods and services within the community; and therefore, we will use the locally produced products and services whenever it does not significantly threaten our quality and efficiency standards.

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The Market On Koke Mill

2550 South Koke Mill Road, Springfield, IL  62711